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Mom Kayla and husband Jay and had been trying to conceive on their own since January 2019. It was a very stressful time not knowing why things weren’t working out for so long. It weighed very heavily on them. After a year and a half of false positives, negative pregnancy tests, tons of ovulation tests, laparoscopy surgery, etc., they were referred to Dr. Frattarelli and began fertility treatment in August 2020. They soon discovered that they were struggling with infertility from both female (PCOS) and male factors (low morphology). In vitro fertilization was suggested, and the journey was a long and tough one. The couple only had one PGT-A normal embryo, and in September 2021, they did their embryo transfer and he stuck! Little Oliver was born on May 9, 2022. To say they are extremely lucky is an understatement! 

‘Growing a family isn’t always as easy as we are made to believe. Without Dr. Frattarelli and IVF, our miracle wouldn’t exist. This was the hardest thing we have been through. It takes a huge toll, physically, mentally, emotionally. It takes a toll on your relationships with family and friends, your body, your bank account. Your entire life.” 

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