Kamaria – Our June Baby of the Month

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Back in 2012, Mom Keya and her then husband (now ex) got pregnant, but at the same time Keya was also diagnosed with cancer. Keya needed to first focus on taking care of her body and following her treatment plan, before she could safely carry a baby. Fast forward to completing treatment and being cleared medically, the couple tried to get pregnant. After a challenging year of trying and failing to conceive, the marriage also came to an end. However, Keya still very much wanted to be a mama. That being said, then the Covid-19 Pandemic hit and Keya had not met that perfect match as of yet. Sitting on the beach one day, her dad asked her if she ever thought about having a child on her own, and that is where Keya’s journey truly started, As a single mom by choice, there were a lot of logistics to consider, especially flying over to Oahu for treatment. For an entire year, Keya tried IUI’s and ICI with no success, using donor sperm. It was then time to give IVF a try, just once, and to Keya’s surprise, it was successful.

Kamaria was born on February 13, 2024 as happy and healthy as ever, surrounded by family and friends who have been waiting so long to meet her. With a gorgeous full head of hair, Kamaria will have a wonderful story to tell one day as to how she came to be.

“I hope our story inspires someone out there to keep trying. It
took a lot of work, patience, and trust to bring her into this
world, and she is far beyond worth it.”

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