Baby of the Month

There are many different paths to parenthood, as all patient's have their own story to share. Our Baby of the Month photography collection, in conjunction with Rita Coury Photography, Inc., highlights our success rates, but it also serves as an inspiration to those who are on their fertility journey. All patient's have the same goal, but just how they get there is what makes each one unique. Each baby featured here will one day understand just how truly precious and special they really are.

  • Kailea and Kala’i: Our November 2018 Babies of the Month

    “Fertility Institute of Hawaii was our fifth stop and last effort to expand our family.” Mom Nalani and her husband Ikaika married in 2011. They immediately began trying to start a family. Three months after getting pregnant, they had a miscarriage. Being that it took them only a few months to get pregnant, they thought […]

  • Skylar: Our August 2018 Baby of the Month

    “We were thankful to find Dr. Frattarelli after a poor experience with another local fertility specialist. From our first consultation and throughout our journey, we were impressed by his calm, caring, and compassionate demeanor, his expertise, and the professionalism exhibited by the entire staff.” Mom Kari married her husband Jon in 2016 and knew that […]

  • Sadey: Our February 2018 Baby of the Month

    “There are no words to describe how grateful I am for all of the love and hope that I received from everyone at FIH.” Mom Stacey started her journey with Dr. Frattarelli and staff about five years ago when she was 37. She was married and divorced in her twenties, but never had any children. […]

  • Jemiah & Eliyah: Our January 2018 Babies of the Month

    “Dr. Frattarelli and my IVF Nurse Jae were so gracious in this process with us. Jae especially made me fell like a friend and continued to keep in contact with me during my entire pregnancy.” Mom Alicia has two older boys, age 10, and a senior in high school, from her first marriage. In fact, […]

  • Mira: Our December 2017 Baby of the Month

    Trenton and I met in 2010 while I was on vacation in Oahu. We married in 2012 in front of family and friends. After spending a few years on the mainland in both Seattle and Atlanta, we decided to move back to Hawaii in 2014 with the intention of starting a family. We had been […]

  • Louis: Our November 2017 Baby of the Month

    “Dr. Sloane Berger-Chen was amazing.” Mom Chelsea knew that she always wanted to have a family. After a miscarriage in January 2015 and a D & C surgery, she and her husband tried to conceive again for another six months without any luck. Unfortunately, Chelsea’s body was taking a long time to get back to […]

  • Ellie: Our November 2017 Baby of the Month

    “She is everything we had hoped for and more.” Angie and wife Philecia knew they always wanted to have a family. It was just a matter of when and how. In fact, Philecia always said her first child would be a little girl and that her name would be Ellie. Angie was active duty Navy […]

  • Robert: Our August 2017 Baby of the Month

    “Everyone at FIH was so friendly and helpful and we enjoyed working with Dr. Karmon.” Mom Jamie knew she always wanted to have a family. After trying for six months and after two cycles of Clomid, a basic fertility treatment, Jamie sought the help of Fertility Institute of Hawaii. Diagnosed with PCOS or Polycystic Ovarian […]

  • Saul: Our July 2017 Baby of the Month

    “Dr. Frattarelli’s entire team made us feel like family, every visit felt like we were coming to see old friends” Mom Erin met her husband while he was stationed at Fort Hood, TX in 2005. Seven years later they married and began to work on growing their family. After multiple miscarriages trying to conceive naturally, […]

  • Easton: Our July 2017 Baby of the Month

    “Two days after finding out my husband had cancer, we were at FIH sperm banking. It was incredibly overwhelming but I remember the staff treating us like royalty. That attitude stuck with me.” When Mom Megan met her husband and said I do in front of 150 of their closest family and friends, she never […]