Ellie: Our November 2017 Baby of the Month

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“She is everything we had hoped for and more.”

Angie and wife Philecia knew they always wanted to have a family. It was just a matter of when and how. In fact, Philecia always said her first child would be a little girl and that her name would be Ellie. Angie was active duty Navy and Philecia had previously served in the Air Force. Fast forward 6 years and waiting until Angie was out of the service after 22 years, seemed like the best decision for trying to start a family. The couple found Dr. Karmon and felt very comfortable with her, proceeding to then start IVF treatment. At times, the process was stressful and costly, but so worth it. On the night of the super moon November 13, 2016, little Ellie was born. Philecia’s intuition was obviously very right! The couple has recently moved to the East Coast, but they will always hold Hawaii in their hearts. In fact, Ellie was blessed by the Kahuna, naming her Mahinaohoku, meaning Full Moon of the Night – very fitting for a very special little girl.

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