Jaxson: Our July 2016 Baby of the Month

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“Giving up was not an option. Even when I thought I couldn’t try anymore, my IVF Coordinator, Dr. Frattarelli, and his staff kept me feeling positive and gave me hope.”

Mom Rita decided that she wanted to be a “mama” someday. This was the motivating factor in her move to Hawaii, for working in a profession surrounded by moms and babies, moving into a beautiful home, and surrounding herself with loving people. Meeting the right partner and having children didn’t exactly work out in a timely manner, as her mid 30’s crept up rather quickly. So, Rita decide to undergo fertility treatments on her own. Her journey started in 2011 and was fraught with numerous specialists, miscarriages, late-term losses, tears, and pain. It wasn’t until her 8th embryo transfer that Rita finally carried into the safe zone for her pregnancy. Baby Jaxson made his entrance to the world on no better day than Mother’s Day, May 8, 2016.

“It still feels like a dream that my son is here at long last. For him, I would do it all again in a heartbeat. -Rita”

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