Jemiah & Eliyah: Our January 2018 Babies of the Month

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“Dr. Frattarelli and my IVF Nurse Jae were so gracious in this process with us. Jae especially made me fell like a friend and continued to keep in contact with me during my entire pregnancy.”

Mom Alicia has two older boys, age 10, and a senior in high school, from her first marriage. In fact, her high-school aged son jokes that he is going away to college to avoid taking care of his siblings. He also said mom would probably have two little girls, and oh was he right! After a devastating divorce, Alicia was reunited with her high school classmate, Elmar. She always knew in her heart that everything happens for a reason, guided by her strong faith as well. Elmar did not have children of his own but was always so loving and kind to Alicia and her boys. A few years later, the couple married and tried to conceive for 6 months, with no luck. Due to age, Alicia was referred to Dr. Frattarelli and told that IVF was her best course of treatment. It was a long process and one with many medications, but two embryos were transferred and both stuck. Needless to say, Alicia and Elmar were ecstatic.

Pregnancy was not easy, being diagnosed with several medical conditions requiring constant monitoring, hoping the babies would make it to full-term. However, little Eliyah and Jemiah arrived happy, healthy, and oh so beautiful on December 3, 2017. The family is now complete with two perfect boys and two wonderful baby girls.

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