Kaula – Our February Baby of the Month

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In 2021, with the help of Dr. Frattarelli and the wonderful team at FIH, Landon and Kawena were thrilled to welcome their first son, Kūali’i. It was a difficult road to navigate, requiring two egg retrievals and four embryo transfers to achieve a pregnancy, but completely worth the wait! Two years later, they knew that they were ready to begin the process to complete their family with a sibling. Using a frozen PGS-tested embryo from their retrieval in 2019, they transferred one embryo. Unfortunately, it did not implant. The next month, they tried another embryo transfer. This was the “little embryo that could” and that soon would become their beautiful baby boy, Kaula. “Landon, Kawena and Kūali’i could not be happier to welcome Kaula to the world as the missing piece to their family’s puzzle.”

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