Keola: Our July 2018 Baby of the Month

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“Overwhelmed with excitement we knew we had finally achieved something special, we couldn’t wait to meet our little one and we prayed our baby would be happy and healthy.”

Taylor and Alexandria met in July 2015 at the LGBT Pride celebration in San Diego, CA. Both came from small families so they knew once they got married that they would want to have children. Their journey to motherhood began in 2016 while they were stationed in California. Soon they received orders to transfer to Hawaii and knew this would be the perfect place to welcome a sweet baby into their lives. Treatment began in July 2017 and after three rounds of IUI back to back, the couple found out they were pregnant on October 21, 2017. After learning they would be having a little girl, the incredible stressful process now seemed like a blessing.

Beautiful Keola Marie Aglio was born on July 5, 2018. Keola means the life, the health, the well-being in Hawaiian and is a true testament to what the couple has been through together. She has already changed their lives forever. Her very name is an honor to her late grandparent’s on both sides, a way to always remember the past and embrace the future.

“From the first moment we met Physician Assistant Tricia and Dr. Frattarelli, we felt like we were home. We felt accepted and a part of an ohana committed to creating happiness for families around the world.” – Taylor and Alexandria

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