Malia & Maleko: Our November Twins of the Month

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“My husband said, ‘Third times a charm’.”

Mom Joanna and her husband have been together for sixteen years, high school sweethearts. After fourteen years together, they were ready to start their family but needed help to do so. They turned to the Fertility Institute of Hawaii and became patients of Dr. Karmon. They knew they were embarking on an emotional journey but both had high hopes. They were confident in their plan and agreed that Dr. Karmon was very professional and knowledgeable. The couple started with a series of IUI treatments, three in total that were not successful. “It’s amazing how quickly you feel hope start to slip from you and the worry of “will I ever be able to get pregnant” kicks in.”

After the third unsuccessful IUI, they decided to try IVF. Seven embryos were grade A and all looked good. After a fresh transfer of two embryos, again another unsuccessful cycle. Devastation set in but the couple forged ahead and took the advice of Dr. Karmon to complete ERA testing to help determine Joanna’s most receptive window. With this new information, a frozen transfer was done that resulted in a positive pregnancy test, but then a loss at five weeks. With two more embryos, another frozen transfer was performed, the third time was a charm! Joanna was pregnant, with twins, two healthy heartbeats and two healthy sacs appeared on the screen at their first ultrasound.

Little Maleko and Malia were born happy and healthy on October 12, 2019, one boy and one girl and life could not be more perfect for this new family.

“Our journey may have taken two years total, but we were blessed with double the blessings! We thank Dr. Karmon and the Fertility Institute of Hawaii every day for our little miracles.”

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