Matthew James: Our July Baby of the Month

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Mom Margaret and husband Michael knew they always wanted to have a family. After 3 failed IUIs, Margaret and Michael really began to process that it was going to be more challenging than they initially thought to start a family. With their thoughts turning to IVF versus additional IUIs, they then sought out the Fertility Institute of Hawaii to obtain a second opinion on their family-building situation.

At the beginning of a worldwide pandemic, Dr. Karmon and Alyssa A. helped guide Margaret and Michael through the uncertainty of what it would look like to become parents, given Margaret’s diagnosis of diminished ovarian reserve.

The couple’s first egg retrieval yielded two embryos. Their first embryo was ready for a fresh transfer, but that unfortunately ended in a chemical pregnancy in July 2019. However, it was their second embryo that was their miracle – made from an egg that was not mature at the time of retrieval, that day 5 blastocyst was the little embryo that could.

All happy and healthy, little Matthew was born a few weeks early on June 4, 2021.

When Dr. Karmon first showed Margaret Matthew’s heart flickering on the ultrasound screen, she commented on Margaret’s lack of faith in the process. How right she was! However, trusting in Dr. Karmon was the best decision Margaret and Michael could have made and they could not be happier to have their son with them today.

“Thank you Dr. Karmon for making our dream come true!”

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