Riley: Our March Baby of the Month

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All of her adult life, mom Kim wanted to have a baby and a family of her own. As a 38 year old gay single mother, she felt her time was running out. She finally started the process to parenthood in 2020, at FIH, in the midst of the recent global pandemic. The best course of treatment for Kim was IUI, using donor sperm. Kim’s first IUI was successful, but unfortunately ended in a miscarriage. When Kim was ready to try again, she did two more IUI’s, with the third one the winner, success and a healthy pregnancy. In January 2022, beautiful baby Riley was born, the most perfect bundle of joy and everything that Kim could ever hope for. Kim started this journey with a partner, but she has since separated and continued on by herself, a true test of courage.

“Dr. Karmon took very good care of me, and I always felt like I was receiving the best, most compassionate, individualized guidance on this unique path to starting my own little family.”

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