Viola: Our April Baby of the Month

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Mom Rurina and husband Alexandre had their little boy Kenzo, naturally in 2019. They knew they always wanted to expand their family, and adding a little girl to the mix was always a dream. After trying on their own for quite some time, they decided they needed help from a specialist, and Dr. Frattarelli was eager to assist. The couple first tried three IUI’s but they were unsuccessful. The next best course of treatment was IVF. The couple was blessed with four PGT normal embryos, and amazingly, they were all girls! Luckily, the couple got pregnant on their first transfer, and they were over the moon with joy. After a few scares during her first two trimesters, baby Viola still came out healthy and quite large at 8lbs 6.4 oz, via C-Section.

“We couldn’t be happier and we feel our family is now complete . Thank you so much for helping us achieve our life goal! Her brother Kenzo is also really happy and excited of Viola’s arrival. There was nothing more we wanted more than another baby!” 

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