Alfie: Our February Baby of the Month

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Mom Allison and husband Ben knew they always wanted to have a family. However, Allison got a late start and was as surprised as anyone when things didn’t happen as quickly as she expected. Not to waste any
time, and given how much she wanted to be a mother, Allison contacted the Fertility Institute of Hawaii for help. Good thing Allison didn’t wait any longer, as diagnostic testing showed that she had a uterine abnormality, which would explain her difficulty in getting pregnant on her own. Fast forward to a successful IVF cycle and the couple was blessed with a beautiful baby girl named Hope, in 2019. Wanting to build their family more, Allison wanted to experience
natural conception, but sadly had an ectopic pregnancy and subsequently, a miscarriage. Given her health conditions and the scare that she had on her own, it was back to FIH for a frozen embryo transfer. Yet again, the
couple was successful and delivered a happy and healthy baby boy, Alfie, on December 20, 2021.

“We were overjoyed to welcome our second child into the family, and we couldn’t be happier with the compassionate care that FIH offered to us throughout our journey.”

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