Natalie Jo: Our March Baby of the Month

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Mom Tiffany and Dad Kyle met while working at a movie theater in 2002, and started dating in 2003. In fact, Tiffany asked Kyle to her junior prom! After six years of long distance dating, Tiffany at UH Hilo and Kyle going on long deployments with the Navy, the couple was married in May of2009. They wanted to start a family right away, but after two years of trying and still no baby, they decided to look into fertility treatments. After one year of initial testing, it was decided that IVF would be the best course of treatment, and the only way. Due to a change in duty station overseas, IVF was unfortunately put on pause for four more years. In 2017, Tiffany and Kyle had the opportunity to come back to Hawaii to pursue their dreams once more of having a family. They started their IVF journey with the Fertility Institute of Hawaii in 2019. In 2020 they had a successful egg retrieval. Between 2020 and 2022 the couple underwent four embryo transfers. It was lucky number four that was successful! Beautiful baby girl Natalie Jo was born on February 15, 2023, bringing her parents so much love and joy

“IVF was such a long process for us and we were so glad Dr. Frattarelli and his staff kept working with us until we were able to have our miracle girl.”

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