Quinn: Our May Baby of the Month

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Bay boy Quinn was born May 3, 2023 to parents Kris and Brendan. “We thought we would never try IVF, but after two years off and on trying optimizing natural fertility, ovulation induction, IUI’s, and unfortunately an ectopic pregnancy and a miscarriage, we decided it was worth trying IVF.” The couple only got one viable embryo and there was a slim chance that it would survive the transfer. So, Dr. Karmon came up with a protocol outside the typical treatment plan. After several last minute canceled embryo transfers, they finally decided to go for it and do the transfer anyway without ideal conditions and see if it would work. As it was explained to them, the ideal conditions are based on a statistical range and it was possible that Kris’s body’s reaction was just outside the range and there was a possibility it would work. They put all of our faith into their single embryo and into Dr. Karmon, even though they knew their chances of it working were very low. When they received the call that it worked and they were pregnant, they couldn’t believe it.

”We are so thankful for Dr. Karmon and the rest of the FIH staff who were always extremely friendly and supportive. We now refer to Quinn as our miracle baby, who we believe chose us to be his parents.”

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