Ryker: Our May Baby of the Month

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“I was overjoyed when I could feel his strong kicks.”

Mom Sandra and husband Ken got married in 2015 and always knew they wanted to start a family. Both of them were podiatrists, foot and ankle surgeons to be exact. After medical school and completing residency, they thought having a child may be a challenge with their busy schedules and also being in their later 30’s, but they never thought it would be as difficult as it actually was. After no success trying on their own, they turned to Dr. Frattarelli and had multiple unsuccessful IUI’s and then surgery to remove polyps.

The next step in their fertility journey was to try IVF. Their first attempt yielded a single trisomy embryo that was not viable. They then conceived on their own, but sadly that ended in a miscarriage at 10 weeks. On their second IVF attempt, they were successful this time with a normal embryo and a healthy transfer.

Little Ryker was born on April 9, 2021, weighing in at 8lbs, 10 oz, with no complications during pregnancy for Sandra. This perfect little boy is already loved so very much.

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