Ethan Michael: Our February Baby of the Month

“The need for fertility treatment can affect anyone, even providers.”

Drs. John and LeighAnn Frattarelli knew they always wanted to have children. Just like many of their patients, they too assumed that they would not have difficulty and that having a family would come when the timing was right. However, months and years came and went and after seeking the assistance of a fertility specialist when the couple was into their mid-30’s, they soon discovered that there were indeed reproductive issues with which to contend.

After undergoing the basic infertility testing and attempting several of the same treatments that their patients are faced with, such as Clomid, ovulation induction, and IUI’s, it was decided that IVF with ICSI was the best course of treatment. Unfortunately, the first two attempts at IVF with ICSI were not successful. It was the third attempt in 2004 that resulted in a much different outcome, providing several good quality embryos that started the Frattarelli family.

Twin boys, Justin and Brandon, were born in 2004, followed by beautiful girl Haley in 2013. In 2018, they decided to use their last cryopreserved embryo. Having been cryopreserved for fourteen years prior to the thaw and transfer and with the use of a gestational carrier, healthy and handsome Ethan Michael was born in August of 2018 completing the family.

Dr. Frattarelli truly understands and can relate to his patients, having gone through the same things they have: the many emotions, the sorrows, the fears, and the joys. His passion for the field of reproductive medicine comes from personal experience. And at the end of the day, he is not just a provider, he is also a proud father who has experienced infertility first-hand.

“Don’t give up. Be comfortable knowing that you did everything possible.”

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