Miles Robert: Our August Baby of the Month

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“When the blood work came back with a positive pregnancy result, I just cried tears of happiness and relief. I could barely believe it. It had been eleven years of waiting.”

When Mom X met her husband and married in 2007, she had always dreamed of them having a family together. The couple tried to get pregnant shortly after they wed. After a year with no result, they decided to seek help. Doctors couldn’t tell them what was wrong, which led to despair and intense grief for them. IVF was too expensive to pursue at the time. However, the couple had so much love in their home that they decided to become foster parents and in a few years, they were able to adopt a sweet little boy. It was one of the happiest days of their lives for them, sitting in that court room and walking out as a beautiful forever family. Yet, the finalized adoption did not take away their grief over the loss of not being able to conceive a child, and it was never intended to.

Fast forward to moving to Hawaii and to a medical appointment where Mom X’s primary doctor asked her why she never looked into fertility treatment. The couple learned that Hawaii is one of only a few states in the US that requires insurance providers to offer fertility benefits, never knowing that this was available as an option to them. With their insurance, they were now finally able to get the help they needed. The couple did IVF and unfortunately, their first FET failed, which was devastating. They had one more embryo left and it took a lot of courage to try again. Their second IVF was a success and baby Miles was born happy and healthy in July 2019. The family is now complete with two children who both have different stories, but who will always be brothers.

“Mile’s birth wouldn’t have been possible without the care and commitment of the staff at Fertility Institute of Hawaii and a big thank you to Dr. Frattarelli.”

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