Sadey: Our February 2018 Baby of the Month

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“There are no words to describe how grateful I am for all of the love and hope that I received from everyone at FIH.”

Mom Stacey started her journey with Dr. Frattarelli and staff about five years ago when she was 37. She was married and divorced in her twenties, but never had any children. Being single and not having found the right person for her, Stacey knew in her heart that she still wanted to have a child of her own. Being a kindergarten teacher, her love of children runs deep.

Stacey tried five IUI’s that all failed. She went through three rounds of IVF, with two miscarriages and two failed attempts. At a loss for how to continue, Dr. Frattarelli suggested the use of a donated embryo. Finally, after five years and many failures, Stacey is now able to hold her beautiful daughter Sadey Makamaelani, born December 19, 2017, in her arms.

“Dr. Frattarelli and my nurse Faye have been so supportive and caring throughout my journey to motherhood. Faye was always there cheering me on. When I had failures she would call me and I felt that she was also feeling my pain. Even when I left the practice, she would call to see how I was doing.”

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