Skylar: Our August 2018 Baby of the Month

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“We were thankful to find Dr. Frattarelli after a poor experience with another local fertility specialist. From our first consultation and throughout our journey, we were impressed by his calm, caring, and compassionate demeanor, his expertise, and the professionalism exhibited by the entire staff.”

Mom Kari married her husband Jon in 2016 and knew that they would not be able to fulfill a dream of having a family together without the help of assisted reproductive technology. Due to advanced age and a tubal cauterization several years earlier as a result of an ectopic pregnancy, needing help was a given. a

IVF was the best route of treatment, but it wasn’t an easy process. After three failed embryo transfers, including a devastating miscarriage and two D&C surgeries, Dr. Frattarelli mentioned ERA Testing (Endometrial Receptivity Test) to be sure that the uterus was ready for possible implantation. Based upon the test results, modifications were made to the protocol and the fourth transfer was a success.

Little Skylar was born on May 26th, after a complication free pregnancy and a smooth delivery. Skylar is certainly very special in the eyes of both her proud parents.

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