Baby of the Month

There are many different paths to parenthood, as all patient's have their own story to share. Our Baby of the Month photography collection, in conjunction with Rita Coury Photography, Inc., highlights our success rates, but it also serves as an inspiration to those who are on their fertility journey. All patient's have the same goal, but just how they get there is what makes each one unique. Each baby featured here will one day understand just how truly precious and special they really are.

  • Naia: Our August 2015 Baby of the Month

    “Being evaluated for infertility is scary and overwhelming, but the more comfortable you can become and the more open, you realize that there are so many resources and people to reach out to.” Mom Lia knew she always wanted children, but her husband, 13 years her senior, was not sure. It took a while, but […]

  • Cameron & Jeremiah: Our July 2015 Babies of the Month

    “The day of my transfer, we put in two embryos and the same day, I just knew I felt implantation.” Mom Lisa met her new spouse in 2008. With the delivery of her son at 31 weeks, she had a c-section and then a tubal ligation. When Lisa and her now husband wanted to have […]

  • Parker & Taylor: Our June 2015 Babies of the Month

    “In December 2010 we received the call we had been waiting for, for over two-and-a-half years… the voice over the phone, a nurse whom I had become very close with, said Santa is coming early for you two this year. “You’re pregnant!!”” Mom Kellie and her husband had been struggling with infertility for two years, […]